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Get a Corner Man

I got your back. I'm here to be the man in your corner, to huddle up with, to make a plan with, and to root for you in the ring. I'm here to help you grow, get stronger, get accountable, and have the focus you need to move forward. We got this. 

Let's Go

Here's how it works:

1. You book a time with me. That's free.

2. In our first four weeks, we're going to build a plan and start to execute on it.

3. During that time, we'll set up objectives and goals that we want to achieve along the plan. We'll have a weekly accountability check-in to make sure we're moving forward.

4. After our 12 week period is over, we'll decide whether or not we want to repeat the cycle.

Book An Intro With Me

Who I'm Good at Coaching:

  1. I work with executives, business founders, school leaders, and people in recovery.  
  2. These people usually have some tough transitional choices ahead of them and need someone in their corner
  3. They're coachable -- they can handle taking tough questions and a devil's advocate without taking it personally
  4. They're capable of being honest with themselves and with me
  5. They respect their time and mine

I generally good at coaching people to level up, those in early sobriety, or those who are having some trouble reconciling their past actions with the standards the modern workplace is putting on them. 

Who I am not Good at Coaching:

I am not a therapist. I am not equipped to heal trauma, work on marital issues, handle family disputes, or deal with adolescents and children. I am not a mentor or a teacher. I do have experience that I am happy to share, but when you work with me, you're the driver, I'm just the navigator. I rarely tell you what to do or give you instruction. Instead, I ask you questions, and give you resources to bring out the best in yourself.

I am, however, happy to work with your therapist or provide you some referrals to some who might work well with you. 

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