How to Get Clean and Sober in Charleston, SC.

Meetings (12-step and otherwise)

The first thing you’re likely going to want to do if you’re looking to get sober is find your tribe. Find a group of people who you identify with and share your experience with them and let them help you. The best way to do that is to attend a support-group meeting. There are various kinds of support groups in the area, both 12-step based and not. 12 step groups are by far the most prevalent.

12-Step Groups

Non 12-step


If you or your loved one need a little help getting started a trained interventionist is the right person to call. Rather than assembling a peacemeal strategy by yourself, an interventionist can link you with all the right resources and provide you with accountability along the way.

Treatment Centers

Many people may want to go out-of-state for residential treatment. Going out of state has its advantages: a greater selection, more individualized treatment options, preservation of anonymity, longer-term treatment options, and better care. That said, the region does offer some options:

Therapists with Experience in Addiction