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Who wants to hear the truth when they can hear that they're right?


‚ÄčThe Information Diet, by Clay Johnson, is a book about the perils of industrialized media. Just as the mechanization and industrialization of food production has created an obesity epidemic, the commoditization and ever abundance of information has created a social crisis of misinformation. The Information Diet breaks down these problems and gives you tools to consume responsibly.

The book helps you understand the economics of media and its similarities to its the agricultural industry. It dives deep into politics and the consequences of a two party system in politics coupled with an ad-based media diet. And the book helps you reset your information diet to focus on local information. Much like Michael Pollan's groundbreaking "Eat, not too much, mostly plants," the Information Diet recommends that you "Read, not too much, mostly facts."

 If you've found yourself outraged and looking at the television, wondering how people could act that way, or why things are the way they are. How your uncle could say those things or why those ridiculous things keep showing up in your Facebook feed, and most importantly, what you can do about it, this book is for you.


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