Powerful Interventions on Johns Island.

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Johns Island is a tough place to get sober

If you’re trying to get sober yourself, take a look at our list of resources for getting sober in Charleston, SC.

Trying to avoid alcohol in the lowcountry without a little bit of help is a bit like trying to avoid mosquitoes here in August. Everywhere you turn in the lowcountry there’s a reason to drink. Our culture here is one that celebrates overindulgence.

Paired with that culture of overindulgence is a culture of secrecy and shame. So we provide our community with every reason to keep drinking, and few ways to ask for and get help. Instead addiction treats our families like frogs in pot of water coming up to boil. In communities like ours, we don’t notice that we’re in real trouble until it’s too late.

Working with Stop Pause Play means creating a discreet, quiet intervention for your loved one. One that focuses and respects the privacy of your family, is focused on healing for the long term, and one that is tailored to your unique situation.

You don’t have to do this alone

And you don’t have to live like this anymore. I will work with your family to create open, honest, invitational interventions that preserve and encourage dignity and respect in your family. That’s one reason why we use a no-surprise approach to our interventions when we can.

95% of our clients seek treatment after engaging with us.

If you’re ready to get started, send us a text to 833-594-7146. We’ll schedule a call, usually within the next 24 hours, to get started. There is no charge for our first conversation. We work with clients worldwide, and do most of our interventions online.

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Don’t wait for your loved one to “find their bottom." If your loved one is suffering from addiction, please know that it is a progressive disease. The longer you wait, the more dangerous of a situation you will be in. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from drug and alcohol-related deaths every year. Don’t let your loved one’s bottom be at their funeral.

How our process works

From the start we will start crafting a strategy for long-term recovery. Our objective is not to get your loved one to go to rehab, our objective is to get your loved one healthy. In-patient Treatment is one of the tools we use for that long term recovery. During our first call call we will craft a list of people to invite to the initial “family meeting,” including your loved one.

At that family meeting, we’ll discus your family’s strengths and resiliencies. From there we will draft a strategy, with the whole family, including your loved one of concern should they choose to participate. The strategy will include treatment options for your loved one, as well as resources for each member of the family that has been impacted by the disease.

Treatment centers we work with

Look, we’ll be straight with you: there are a lot of rotten treatment centers out there. Many of them have been purchased in the past few decades by private equity firms who are seeking to squeeze out every ounce of profit from their facility. Some of them even budget for people to return, which creates a perverse financial incentive for them to financially depend on your loved one’s failure to stay sober.

At Stop Pause Play, our bottom line is your recovery, not their profit. We want to put the disease into long-term remission, so we regularly meet with treatment centers, develop relationships with their clinical staff, and only send our clients to facilities who are aligned with our mission: recovery first.

After Treatment

After treatment, we work with the family to monitor success. We will continue to meet weekly for up to six months, monitoring progress and helping the family stay vigilant. Should it be desired, we will provide active monitoring of drug tests and breathalyzer data, and share that with relevant family members.

Read more about our case management

After case management concludes, should you or your loved one want to continue working with us, you can leverage our coaching to take it to the next level.

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