So You've Been Cancelled

The shame that goes along with being publicly called out -- whether true or not -- can be unbearable. But there is a solution, and together we can work through it.

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You are not Alone

Going through this process can be extremely painful. Having our darkest moments, worst mistakes, or even other people's misinterpretations of our actions exposed to the public can be excruciating. But listen: you are redeemable. Working with me means stopping the bleeding, healing yourself, coming to terms with what your truth is, and finding a positive way forward for you and the people around you.

You're no good to anyone feeling miserable or filled with resentment. Let's get you back in the game and able to focus. I've been through it before, it's a miserable experience. I'd love to help you heal and move forward. Get on my calendar, let's do this. 

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