Online Coaching and Interventions.

Stop Pause Play helps people and their families find recovery, stay in recovery, and make the most out of recovery. We provide respectful and dignified interventions for families suffering from addiction, and world-class executive coaching to people in recovery without the need for surprises and trickery. We transform struggling families into flourishing networks of support, early sobriety into a long term recovery, and recovery into success.

Read more about our interventions, early recovery oversight, and coaching.


Stop Pause Play helps people get into treatment and whole families heal from the disease of addiction. We provide our interventions globally online via zoom, and in-person the Charleston/Savannah area. Our interventions aren’t like the ones you see on TV. Read more about our online drug and alcohol interventions, or our Charleston, SC area drug and alcohol interventions.


Stop Pause Play helps people use the tools they found in their sobriety to build extraordinary new lives for themselves. We use periodic, neurologically based assessments to help determine our clients growth and recovery and coaching, and then coach the individual as well as the family into being able to access higher levels of frontal-cortex response. We offer online executive coaching for people in recovery, recovery coaching, and case mananagement.


People don’t land on a website like this without needing some help. Regardless of whether or not you engage with us, please know we’re here and we know what you’re going through. Here are some resources to help you on your journey.

If you have a family member suffering from addiction, read our small e-book, How to Help Your Loved One.

If you have a loved one starting treatment or 12 step work, please consider watching our brief series that will familiarize you on each step: The 12 Steps for Allies.

If you are local to Charleston, SC and need help getting sober, check out our Guide to Getting Sober in Charleston, SC.

If you are in early sobriety and looking for a morning routine to start your day, consider listening to our podcast The Morning Checkin

You should check out our Founder’s book, “The Information Diet”.

Please do not hesitate to send us a text to 833-594-7146. We are here to help.