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Get an Advancement Mindset

I help executives get into an advancement mindset. Working with us means getting unstuck, and making progress. It means having a coach in your corner with a ton of experience providing you with perspective, accountability and energy. 

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Executive Coaching

I'm a trusted and experienced outsider who has been through it and will tell you the truth. Get someone to challenge you to make the tough decisions. 


Recovery Coaching

I help people find joy in recovery. Together, we can build a bridge from short term to long term recovery, or rejuvenate a stale recovery. 


Restorative Recovery 

Reconciling our pasts with today's standards can be difficult. But we don't have to torture ourselves. We can find peace. 



"The Most Sensible Book I've Ever Read"
-- Scott Simon, NPR

Who wants to hear the truth when they can hear that they're right? Because our brains are wired for affirmation rather than information, we don't demand the truth. We demand to be entertained, affirmed, and outraged. The result is a public health problem that can only be solved through conscious consumption. 

The Information Diet is an exploration of these ideas and a prescription for a solution. Read. Not too much. Mostly facts. 

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The Morning Checkin

The Morning Checkin is a free daily podcast that helps you start your day as a producer, rather than a consumer. Spend a few minutes getting centered, practicing gratitude, and preparing your mind for the day.

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