Core Values Coaching for Executives

Are you choosing your values or comfort? Core Values Coaching helps you reconnect to your values, and build a framework for living with them. It reduces anxiety, restores confidence, helps you connect with others, find flow and set and reach your goals. 

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Who is this for?

  • Leaders looking for clarity, support and stability. 
  • Entrepreneurs struggling with unpredictable revenue and seeking sustainable success.
  • People in recovery looking to protect their progress while growing personally and professionally.
  • Individuals questioning their impact and looking for ways to align their work with their core values.

Core Values Coaching has provided incredible results for Fortune 100 CEOs, non-profit leaders, and government leaders. The diversity of our clients speaks to the efficacy of our program. We help you return to yourself.  

 Who isn't it for? 

This program is not for everyone. This program will not work if you: 

  1. Are Looking for Quick Fixes: The program focuses on deep, meaningful changes that require time and effort. It's not suited for those seeking instant solutions or superficial results.

  2. Resist Self-Reflection: A key part of the program involves introspection and confronting personal truths. If you're not open to examining your thoughts and behaviors, this might not be the right fit. This program requires honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. 

  3. Prefer External Solutions: This program emphasizes internal growth and self-driven change. It's less effective for those seeking external solutions to their challenges.

  4. Lack of Commitment to Change: Success in this program requires a genuine commitment to personal development and lasting changes in life. If you're not ready to commit to this process, it may not be beneficial for you.

  5. Disregard Core Values: The entire program is built around aligning life with core values. This program may not resonate with you if you don't believe in or care about exploring and living by your core values.

  6. Unwilling to do homework: The program requires work between sessions. Most of the work is done during the week. If you do not have the time or cannot commit to the work between the sessions, the program won't work. 
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Core Values Alignment

Together we will discover and define your core values, and understand why and how they are the foundation for good living. 


In a measurable assessment, we will assess how you perceive the world around you and provide you measurable insight into how you have changed. 


Each session comes with notes and homework -- while our sessions will provide the foundation for the week, most of the work is done between sessions. 

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The Core Values Framework

Our Core Values Coaching Program focuses on aligning your life with your core values, leading to more straightforward,  purposeful living. Through this program, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, helping you make decisions that truly resonate with your personal and professional goals. This process reduces overwhelm and brings clarity and intuition. 

By joining this program, you'll see tangible changes. Your choices will align more closely with what's important to you, enhancing your personal and work life. You'll handle stress better, maintain balance, and feel more accomplished. In short, you'll live a life that truly reflects who you are, making every day more meaningful and satisfying.

Here are some of the things you can expect: 

Reduce anxiety, anger, and impostor syndrome.

With Core Values Coaching, you'll learn to reduce anxiety by aligning your actions with your core values. This commitment creates a sense of peace and purpose, cutting through the noise of reacting to the day.

Successfully build new, healthy habits

Once you've discovered your values, we have to design a set of habits that encourage you to stay aligned to those values. Our identity and our habits are linked -- our habits inform our identity, and our identity informs our habits.

Restore Confidence

WIth a commitment to your values, and a set of habits attached to them, you're going to start learning a new form of confidence that comes from being resilient. Instead of being attached to outcomes, you'll have faith in yourself and your values and be able to approach new situations with curiosity.

(Re)connect with yourself and others

Core Values Coaching will help you clean up old relationships, release feelings of shame and guilt, and establish close connections with ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues and our families of choice or origin. Optionally, Core Values Coaching can take you through a grief recovery process to resolve grief and loss.

Find Flow

Now with a new confidence and commuinty, you're able to dedicate your mind to working on stuff that matters to you. We'll guide you in aligning your daily activities with your core values and strengths, creating an environment where you can lose yourself in the tasks at hand. This state of flow not only boosts productivity but also brings immense satisfaction and joy in your work and hobbies.

Set and Reach Goals

Have you ever set a New Year's Resolution and not met it? 1 Month of willpower and 11 months of defeat? This is because our goals don't work without values and commitment. Setting and reaching goals becomes more achievable and meaningful with our coaching program. We focus on aligning your goals with your core values, ensuring that every milestone is a step towards a more authentic and fulfilling life. Our approach provides you with the tools and mindset to not only set realistic and resonant goals but also to effectively reach them, celebrating each achievement along your journey.


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Joe H

Clay's empathetic and insightful approach has provided me with invaluable tools and strategies for navigating life's challenges. His guidance has been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of myself, enabling me to make informed decisions aligned with my core values. I wholeheartedly recommend Clay to anyone seeking a dedicated and compassionate coach who genuinely cares about their well-being and personal growth. 

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Malia L

I love working with Clay because he is able to work with me as a whole person not just a business owner but as a woman of color who works to make the world a better place.  His proceses allow you to reflect on what about you is amazing and what may not be serving you.  Creating authentic strategies to move forward.

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Andy R. 

Clay’s ability to relate to me and provide actual lessons learned from his own experience was a major difference when comparing his coaching to the counseling and therapy sessions I did prior to our work.  Clay has compassion when necessary with specific requests that dive into the tough emotional complexities that men tend to steer away from. I never felt uncomfortable with Clay and always knew he cared about my growth while also being vulnerable enough to share some of his challenges as well.  Clay gave me the tools to shed my armor and be present with a broad range of touch points that seem to pull everything together in a manageable way. 

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